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Birthday cake from Biddy’s!


One of the drags of having so many food sensitivities is having to make your own birthday cake. It takes a bit of the magic out of it, and once you have made it, no one else seems to want to share it because no one else really likes gluten free/vegan cakes compared to regular ones. This year I was going to make brownies for my birthday, because they are easier and I was feeling lazy. A few days before, I went to the grocery store to get cocoa and apple sauce and all I found instead was this:  Get it together Britain.
Resigned to no birthday treat this year, I started home. On my way I passed Biddy’s Tea Room on Lower Goat Lane, a lovely vintage shop for afternoon tea and cakes.

On a whim, I stopped in to see if they made gluten free and vegan cakes. I was greeted by Charlie, who immediately offered to create a cake catered to my many food allergies for my birthday. I went home, emailed her my allergy list, and two days later returned to Biddy’s to pick up my cake. Charlie and Amy were there to wish me a happy birthday and gave me my cake for free! It wasn’t just a gluten-free/vegan cake, it was also vanilla free, lemon free, and free of many other things that tend to appear in cakes. They went to the trouble of making a new recipe just for me, then gave it to me for free. It was a wonderful birthday present. And quite delicious!!!


Author: kelly104

I'm a food allergy stricken Texan blogging about living and baking in Norwich, UK.

4 thoughts on “Birthday cake from Biddy’s!

  1. What wonderful people! Happy Birthday!

  2. Have you heard of the blog Chocolate Covered Katie? I have made some KILLER recipes from her blog and a lot of them are allergen-free for a lot of people. I can’t remember your exact allergy list but here are some amaaaaazing gluten free choco chip cookies:


    Look around her blog, I bet you could find some good recipes!

    • Thanks! A friend of mine recommended her blog to me ages ago, but I had since forgotten about it. That recipe looks amazing, and I can eat everything in it!

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