Texan in Norwich


Howdy! My name is Kelly Owen, I’m 25, and I moved to Norwich from Grapevine, Texas in July 2012. In 2010, I attempted to get my masters at the University of East Anglia here in Norwich, but had to return home after one term because I got very sick. This illness (mono/glandular fever coupled with leaky gut syndrome) left me with dozens of food allergies and a blank CV for the past two years.

I am healthy and married now. My British husband works in London one day a week and from home the rest, so when we decided to move to the UK he let me pick the city. As a result, I have returned to Norwich and intend conquer the city properly this time!

This blog will follow us as we attempt to get the most out of this beautiful city, and deal with my food allergies and job hunting in the process. I will be posting impressions and pictures of restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, stores, and events around Norwich, as well as allergy-friendly recipes and tips.

This is not an expert’s guide to Norwich, but a foreigner’s clumsy ramble through its cozy lanes.


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